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Velux Windows

At Immaculate Home Improvements, we offer a comprehensive selection of Velux windows, with innovative technologies installed in every model to provide long-lasting, high performance. These windows provide the ultimate aesthetics and views for the interior of your home, whilst still offering outstanding performance throughout. We also offer stylish roof blinds to match.

Velux windows are the leading manufactured roof windows in the industry, which is why we use them for our profiles and design. There are incredible ways to tailor them too. Alter the configuration so that they are top hung or centre-pivot, and there is even the option for automatic roof windows, the ideal solution for properties with high ceilings.

Velux Windows Bournemouth

Velux Windows: Roof Windows

Using the smart multi-chambered design of uPVC, we supply state-of-the-art Velux windows which achieve modern standards of thermal efficiency and strength for peace of mind and comfort.

Arguably the most widely sought after option is our centre-pivot roof windows for their certain functionality and complementary features, adapting well to any architecture.

We offer Velux windows for every style of property, traditional or heritage, which promise to retain the character of a home while adding new charm. Your roof window sits parallel with the slant in your roof, allowing increased exposure to natural light for any room.

Velux Windows are available in an impressive range of glazing options, from a standard safety panel to enhanced security. We also offer panels with extra heat and those with extra sound insulation. You’ll be able to enjoy quality across the board.

Velux Windows Dors

Velux Windows Automation

From our fantastic four options, including top-hung, centre-pivot, solar powered and electric, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your home. Our cutting-edge, electric powered roof window offer a remote-control feature, which allows you to operate it from the palm of your hand.

The remote-controlled Velux Integra roof window is available with a touch screen control pad that even allows you to operate the accessories. Our electric window also comes with an innovative added element that senses when it rains, automatically closing the window for your comfort.

Velux Windows: Sun Tunnels

Velux sun tunnels are highly innovative designs, which are intelligently positioned to allow light into areas that other Velux windows cannot. This includes bathrooms, stairwells, cupboards or corridors. Sun tunnels may integrate into a wide variety of roofs. We offer Velux TWF/TLF flexi-tunnels and TWR/TLR rigid tunnels, which complement the aesthetic and performance of any home.

Our sun tunnels feature a level glass roof light with a clear and clean coating, utilising integrated flashing for an outstanding finish. The roof light is low maintenance due to its clear and clean coating. This means you’ll be able to enjoy premium home improvements that are set to last, allowing you to benefit from quality for longer.

Our beautiful sun tunnels are completed with any of our ceiling trim effects including brushed aluminium, brass and mahogany. This gives your home a striking feature. We offer solutions which are incredibly flexible as well as practical, meaning you receive the best performance at no extra stress. We use completely recyclable materials across our sun tunnels range for sustainability.

Velux Windows Prices Dorset

Expertly Installed Velux Windows

We have a wealth of experience in installing high quality Velux windows, allowing us to ensure you’ll always get the very best quality available. This means that your windows will perform to the highest standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability and perform. Ill fitted windows can be detrimental to both home comfort and aesthetic, which is something you won’t have to worry about with Immaculate Home Improvements.

We always work to a professional and reliable standard, meaning all installations we undertake are done in a prompt and efficient manner. You’ll be able to enjoy a new addition to your home in a prompt and efficient way, notably reducing the stress and hassle that can come with enhancing your home with a new addition.

Our expertise is combined with premium grade materials to offer Velux windows that uphold an impressive lifespan. Our windows are a high performance home improvement solution that promises to be a fantastic investment for your money, bringing exceptional value even after we have installed them.

Velux Windows Costs Bournemouth

Velux Windows Prices

We are proud to offer fantastic Velux windows at competitive prices. Our online contact form will allow you to speak to a member of our team to obtain a tailored quote.

Alternatively, if you have any questions and would like to speak directly with us, you can also get in touch with us via this method. We offer a ten-year guarantee just in case you are unhappy with anything.

Images displayed on this page are from the Velux range and not the installer’s own work

Why Choose Origin Aluminium Products?

Origin Products Made in Britain

A++ Thermal Efficiency

Securing complete home comfort, all of our aluminium products from the Origin range excel in thermal efficiency. This includes the option to upgrade your new home improvement with Aerogel, an innovative and high performance material used for insulation in spacecrafts and spacesuits.

Origin quality aluminium

Guaranteed Quality

All of our aluminium products are backed with a comprehensive 20 year guarantee, allowing you to enjoy industry leading quality in a way that is set to last. This stands true even after extensive use or prolonged exposure to the elements.

Thermally Efficient Windows

Beautiful, Slim Aesthetic

Due to the inherent qualities of the material, our aluminium range is able to expertly combine function and form. Signature to this cutting-edge design, the Origin profile comprises a slim and stylish build without compromising on security or durability.

Origin leading designs

Made in Britain

Capturing exceptional quality across the board, all of our aluminium home improvements are manufactured in Britain. This means that they operate in full compliance with all current Building Regulations for emergency exits, restricted openings and marine based dwellings.

Attractive colour finishes

We offer our complete range of aluminium windows and doors in a range of beautiful, quality RAL finishes. Choose a finish, perfect for your Bournemouth home.

Security conscious design

The undeniable factor is that aluminium is a precious metal, lightweight and incredibly durable. Ideal for security conscious customers.

Energy saving double glazing

Immaculate Home Improvements use specially formulated thermally focused glass to achieve high WER ratings. Lowering your heating bills and saving money.

Bespoke finishes

Our entire range of aluminium windows and doors are made to order. Design customised aluminium double glazing with Immaculate Home Improvements.

Stylish hardware options

Immaculate Home Improvements offer a vast range of stylish hardware options. Ask one of team members to view to view the full range.

Consumer choice

We offer premium aluminium products and a truly professional instillation.

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